Monday, December 11, 2006

Any tropical islands available?

I have a red blotch on my forehead because I've been smacking it with my flat hand in frustration.
I'm still sick. As in: I haven't left the house since last Thursday, I'm congested, and I cough whenever I try to speak. As a matter of fact, my coughing most often sounds like bitter laughing. (coincidence?)
When I called in sick to THE JOB I HATE this morning, the secretary gently suggested I see a doctor, which of course is a decent idea, so I figured I'd do that today.

Seeing a doctor in eleventy mind-numbing steps:
Step 1: Find URL of insurance company to consult online physician directory (since I have to find a new doctor due to just having moved).
Step 2: Spend about 45 minutes refreshing page and trying to find alternate link because of "internal server error."
Step 3: Feel victorious when you actually get into the directory.
Step 4: Select MD.
Step 5: Call MD to schedule appointment.
Step 6: No answer, so wait until just after 9AM to call again.
Step 7: Google MD when you realize that answering machine doesn't sound like a doctor's office.
Step 8: Find MD's real phone number and MD's website, where you realize that she won't open until noon today.
Step 9: Wait until noon, then call MD. No answer. Call again. No answer. Call again. No answer. Call again. Smack forehead.
Step 10: Repeat step 2-5 with a different MD.
Step 11: Answering machine says that they are at lunch until 1:30.
Step 12: Growl in frustration.
Step 13: Wait until 1:30, then call MD. No answer. Smack forehead repeatedly. Call again. Line is busy. Start hoping (busy line = life at the other end of the phone!). Call again. Be greeted with "Can you please hold?" Say yes because you have NO IDEA what you're getting yourself into.
Step 14: Stay on hold for a long time. Finally hang up. Smack forehead.
Step 15: Call MD again. Line busy. Smack forehead.
Step 16: Repeat step 15 about 12 times.
Step 17: Wonder if you really want to become a patient at a doctor's office where you can't even call in to make an appointment.
Step 18: Smack forehead or burst into tears of frustration. You decide.

I'm still working on Step 16-18. I'll keep you updated...


Just a Girl said...

That sounds vey unpleasant. You'll be better before you get in at this rate. Sheesh.

Colleen said...

How frustrating! I sure hope you are feeling better SOON!