Thursday, November 02, 2006

why I didn't go to work today

Yesterday was my first day at work. I was there for three hours, which is when they realized that I wasn't in their system and that I wasn't actually legally allowed to be there. Turns out that my file was incomplete and they only input new teachers into their system twice a month. My second first day at work will be Nov. 15th.
The time that I did get to spend at work was delightful in a traumatic kind of a way, as I was roped into subbing in a first grade room at about 3 minutes' notice. All of the children spoke considerably more Spanish than English, which wasn't an insurmountable difficulty, but difficult nonetheless. The real problem was that I could not locate any of the following:
1. Lesson plan
2. Teacher's manuals
3. Schedule
So I improvised. Three children cried, one of them multiple times. An estimated 85% of the kids really, really needed to go to the restroom. Out of those kids, 99% probably didn't have to go, but went anyways because I wasn't ready to deal with peed-in pants. About 90% of the kids either sharpened their pencils (with the one, lone pencil sharpener) or stood in line to do so. The phone rang once, and one substitute came in after a while to take over for me. I played it cool, but I could have kissed her.

And that, in short, is why I didn't go to work today. Instead, I took a bath, read a book, drove 10 miles to a special grocery store, got lost on my way home, where I picked up my wallet and drove another 10 miles back to the store to pay for my stuff. In other, house-related news: The kitchen is really close to being done; we just need the stove, washer and dryer hooked up... so close...


Nicole said...

who needs a stove? you got a microwave? huh? HUH?!

and congrats on the first day of a new job! and a chance at a second first day, which will hopefully go better than the first.

tshsmom said...

Bureaucracy blows my mind!! Who's teaching the class while they wait to get you 'into the system'?

Won't you miss the laundromat? ;)

European said...

Nicole, if the second first day isn't better than the first first day, I might go straight to bed and never leave again save for going to the bathroom.
Tshsmom, I KNOW!!! At least I won't be without gainful employment until the 15th - my phone job is taking me back. Umm, yippie?

tshsmom said...

At least it helps pay the bills, OR should I say: 'brings home the BACON'? ;)