Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Tomorrow is it. I'm making my first ever turkey for the first ever Thanksgiving hosted at my house. There will be 26 mouths to feed and butts to seat. I've borrowed four chairs and a table, and I've purchased insane amounts of silverware and plates from that one Swedish furniture store.*
I've spent today leisurely chopping and boiling things. I still need to wipe down the garden chairs and the ones we store in the garage, vacuum, clean the bathroom, make two pies, figure out something for tonight's dinner, and clean up the kitchen. Leaves must be raked from the front lawn, the porches and driveway swept, and the fire wood carried to the built-in brick BBQ/outdoor fireplace-ish type thing we have on the patio (for experimentation).
Tomorrow or perhaps on Friday, I will be posting pictures of the event and the food, so stop by...

*I was hanging out with my girlfriends the other day and found out that two of them have never been to Ikea. Can you believe that?!! There are Ikeas to choose from around here!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

At least you get the leftovers :)

tshsmom said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't worry about the leaves and the driveway. NOBODY, except my Dad, notices that stuff.
Looking forward to the pictures!