Thursday, November 16, 2006


Today was a much better day than yesterday, although I began it with a much more stinky attitude and general outlook on my professional life. However, when I showed up in the office at 8:00, they had my envelope and key ready to go, the classroom was clean and organized, with lesson plans ready to go and post-it tabbed teacher's guides and handouts. The downside was that the classroom had only one window, which was wisely boarded up with a filing cabinet, and the lovely neon lights were sort of... dull.
Something weird happened - I had a good time! The kids and I bonded over a borderline annoying story in their reading book, and we wasted a lot of time during math (probably my fault, but I'm going with "The lesson plan was unclear."). We giggled over science and the fact that all living things "get rid of wastes," and then I stood on the blacktop with my whistle and forced a bunch of unwilling girls to play dodgeball with the rest of the class. This basically means that the dodgeball circle has now closed. I hated it as a kid and was forced to participate. From forcer to forcee... I'm not actually proud or happy about this, but the lesson plan suggested it, and some of the kids were gung ho about it (gung ho is a weird expression -- I mean, look at it!), and the unwilling girls had no better suggestion than "going on the playground equipment," which made me snort (internally, I'm not that mean!).

So... doing better today. Let's see which side of the mood swing I'll be on after school tomorrow...

*seriously, I'm cracking myself up over here!


Edge said...

You made them play dodgeball?!?!?! You're awesome! You can teach my kid any time.


tshsmom said...

OMG, you let your HUMAN side show, by laughing with the kids?! Keep it up, the kids will LOVE you for that!