Thursday, November 16, 2006


I showed up to my second first day of work only to be told that SURPRISE! they were short on subs, so I'd have to sub that day. Then, the sub-shuffle began. There was lots of confusion as to who was actually absent and which subs were "booked" for the day and who is bilingual and who isn't and, most importantly, if there now was an extra sub or not. When I timidly suggested that I observe the other intervention teacher, they almost laughed at me. "We haven't started intervention yet, because we're still short on subs," they told me. "The other intervention teacher is subbing in a class for the rest of the week," they said. "We need you to sub for the rest of the week. We'll re-evaluate on Monday," they told me.
I ended up subbing in Kindergarten, which was really not as bad as I would have expected. Of course, I walked into that room when the kids were already there because the 15 minutes I'm required to show up before the students had been frittered away in the office, shuffling teachers and subs. At least there was a lesson plan, and the kids were actually sort of adorably helpful (mostly).
When I asked the principal if she expected the subbing-instead-of-interventioning scenario to happen during the rest of the year, she said that it might happen every once in a while. This, of course, means that all year I'll be unable to actually get my job done because they'll stick me in whatever classroom needs an adult body.
On top of that was the lovely lunch conversation about how the district no longer pays to replace items stolen when your classroom gets vandalized (when, not if). They do, however, still pay up to $200 to help you fix your car if it's broken into in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, I got almost 30 calls yesterday morning (starting at 5:15 am) from the lovely automated sub-finder-system. 30 calls with jobs that would have given me almost 2 hours to think about the grade level and appropriate activities etc.. 30 calls where I could have chosen the grade and school.
And now I have to go - because lucky me, I get to go back there right now. Let's see where I end up today!


Nicole said...

boy oh boy. this sounds like a crazy situation. I heard once that one way to drive a person insane is to make their environment completely unpredictable. let me know if you need the reference. you can make an argument for your mental health.

tshsmom said...

What a WEIRD system!
It sounds like absenteeism is a real problem. :(

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I don't even know why I visited... I don't in this moment have time to read your post (but I will later).

I'm commenting because the title of your post made me laugh. You're too cool European.