Thursday, November 09, 2006


Yesterday was one of the more productive days I've had in the last few weeks. It might have to do with getting up early, or with the fact that the weird part-cold-part-stomach-thing* bug I had over the weekend finally left, or maybe just because fat quarters were on sale at JoAnne's, but it was a thing of beauty.
Behold the fruits of my labors:
exhibit one: quilt top completed in just one day
in one piecein one piece Hosted on Zooomr
(read more about this quilt on crafty)

exhibit two: made from scratch apple pie (and a glimpse of the kitchen)
I also made a dinner that used multiple pots AND the oven.

* The stomach thing may very well be tied to the immense amounts of corn tortillas I consumed, because corn tends to upset my stomach, but it is also very delicious (esp. in fresh-from-the-tortilleria tortilla form).


Edge said...

My mom used to tell me a story about when she worked as a clerk for a long shore company in San Diego. It seems a certain boat had a German chef that docked occasionally. My mom said he made the best apple pie and it had a slice of cheddar on it. I'm sure the salty, sweet, bitter made an excellent combination.


tshsmom said...

Now THAT'S productive!!
I can almost see your floor tile in that pic. Are the granite counters new?
Hooray for a functional kitchen!

Adrian said...

German productivity cant be beat!!

That quilt looks great and that pie... MANNNNNNNNNNNN- now I want pie!!! : )

Christina said...

Yet again, you make me feel like a total loser on the domestic goddess front...why do I like you so much?! ;-)
I'm suddenly craving pie.

just a girl said...


exMI said...

sigh, now I have to stop procrastinating and go do another food post too.......

Anonymous said...

Please come to my house (tiny apartment) and make it warm and cozy.