Monday, November 20, 2006

probably the reason why I have a killer headache

Today, I spent 30 minutes doing clerical work, 45 minutes watching a teacher test children, 25 minutes listening to stories on tape with third-graders, 90 minutes at lunch, and finally, 90 minutes in second grade.
In second grade social studies, you learn that every state has a state flower, a state bird, a state tree, and a state flag. Here in picturesque California, we use California editions of our text books (mind-blowing, I know), so the page we were looking at boasted the following:
1. CA map
2. CA state flag - child's drawing
3. CA state bird - photo and child's drawing
4. CA state flower - photo and child's drawing
5. CA state tree - photo and child's drawing
Conspicuously absent from the page:
1. Features on the CA map (mountains, rivers, ocean, cities...) - the only thing on there was Sacramento
2. Photo of CA state flag or any explanation as to why there's a bear on there
3. name of CA state bird (Quail, FYI)
4. name of CA state flower (Poppy, FYI)
5. name of CA state tree (Redwood, FYI)


Edge said...

I can't imagine learning the state history of other states. "Yes, this is Nebraska, we have corn." Texas has like a whole year of state history required in junior high and you get a good dose of it in other classes. California must be interesting.


tshsmom said...

Oh YEAH, children's drawings are accurate; sure thing.