Tuesday, November 07, 2006

before the freakish heat wave

Last Friday, The Husband and I headed up to the mountains. We were mostly alone in this wonderland of fallen leaves, thundering rushing water, and squirrels dancing in the trees to shake down acorns. The air was crisp, and the sunshine filtered through the leaves was reflected in the rippled pools of the little creek. It made me remember to breathe deeply every once in a while.


Anonymous said...

I love Fall.

Elaine said...

I want that weather back. It's just too freaking hot right now! GAH!

Christina said...

What a gorgeous picture!

Wish I could take pictures like that.

gracie said...

Awe! It sounds like our campus. I have actually seen a squirrel shake a small tree branch with its hands trying to get some acorns out of it.

I wanted to take this very intelligent squirrel home with me but didn't for lack of trees in my apartment for it to shake.