Saturday, October 21, 2006

shoot me now

Have I mentioned we're remodeling the kitchen? Well. We're paying someone else to remodel the kitchen, but we're tiling it. Today was going to be The Day of The Tiling of The Kitchen. We were also going to quickly pick up a much discounted, A+ quality, beautiful, perfect dishwasher. (Can you see where this is going?)
So we leisurely got ready to go to 3 stores:
1. Lowe's to return the floor tile we'd purchased before choosing the granite for the countertops
2. Home Depot to purchase the new (already chosen) floor tile and tiling accessories
3. appliance discount store for a dishwasher
Easy enough, right? Wrong.
1. We made our way to Lowe's and did our return, which took forever because the lady who worked customer service seemed to feel that if there was not a line of at least 3 people in front of her station, she was doing something wrong. Plus, it was early in the day, and the day must be filled. With slooooow working. We did not look at dishwashers at Lowe's because we were going to purchase an insanely discounted, excellent dishwasher elsewhere. (Now can you see where this is going?)
2. We pulled over for a brand-new quilt store that had a big "GRAND OPENING" sign in the window. I really only took 20 minutes in there (perhaps even less).
3. Popped in on some friends who just had a baby. We listened to the little one fuss and helped burp him (because we're experts, that's why).
4. Stopped by the Home Depot to buy the tile, adhesive, grout, yadda, yadda, tile talk. This took right around forever because the tile cutters on the shelves were all broken or had missing pieces. We eventually ended up with a new and intact one. We did not look at dishwashers at the Home Depot because we were going to purchase an insanely discounted, excellent dishwasher elsewhere.
5. In-N-Out to get some cheeseburgers - hmmmm
6. Home to unload the car and eat the lunch
7. To the library to read up on Consumer Reports about dishwashers
8. We drove waytheheckoutthere to the insanely discounted appliance store, where we found lots of dishwashers that were quiiiiiite expensive and that the good folks at Consumer Reports had found non-worthy. I tried to campaign for a new range, but this was going nowhere as the non-insanely discounted-ness of the range price range (hahaha!) was painfully obvious. I mean. They were just all pretty much way too expensive.
PLEASE NOTE: Right around here, a hair-pulling sort of desparation began to take hold of me. The words "Best Buy" were uttered in my presence, and I sort of blacked out (or was it "freaked out"?).
9. Best Buy. Tell me, why is it that they play such loud music? The salesguy had to practically shout at us (which totally made us happy and relaxed). Plus, there's this smell to those stores... just so unsavory. Anyways. We did not purchase a dishwasher at Best Buy, but I came away with a lovely addition to my crappy attitude. Questions about why the salesguy would offer to look dishwashers up on the internet instead of showing us the ones he had in the store were asked, but never answered. AND ALSO: Questions about why we weren't buying our dishwasher online were silently passed over.
10. Sears. Salespeople in black shirts like vultures in the aisles between the appliances. We looked at a couple of their floor models, and when we found each of them too expensive, too crappy, too ugly, and too... wrong for us, and were about to walk, our vulture took us over to the clearance priced floor models. AHA! NOW you show me. So far, she hadn't annoyed me. What annoyed me was the noise, the masses of people (yes, I secretly am an 80-year old little shriveled-up woman who screeches at people to clean up after their dogs) (it was Saturday at the mall, people!), the spottiness of the info on the different models, the price range of the ranges (yes, getting old), and the general stupidity and inconvenience of purchasing things in person vs. purchasing things on the internet. We decided we didn't like any of the dishwashers she had available to us, and we told her. I even added "We're just not ready to purchase one today." The poor commission-hunter (for that is what she was, because I know because I heard it over the loudspeakers in the store that they were hiring for the holidays (oh joy!) and people who sell appliances are on commission (They said it like it was a good thing somehow.)) hurried after us and tried to sell us one of her stupid dishwashers (in stock... delivery... blah, blah, blah). Because we're nice people, we looked at one last dishwasher and then left. I was so mad at that woman. Commission - EVIL!
11. Back to Lowe's, where we purchased a discounted dishwasher with a few very small scratches. It was one of the Consumer Reports Picks and was more reasonable priced than anything we'd seen all day.
12. Home. Naps on the couch. Burritos from the camping cooker in the back yard for dinner.
13. Laundromat, where we arrived basically at the last second to still wash our clothes because "Last wash 9pm". I hate laundromats. Do not like them. At all. Miss my beautiful washer/dryer, who are out in the garage, waiting for the kitchen to be tiled and for somebody to buy a stacking kit so they'll fit in the cabinet. Just so we're clear: I'm buying that online.


Anonymous said...

And can I just say again...ugh.

tshsmom said...

I can soooo identify with this! ;)
I always thought it would be easier to shop for this stuff in a city. Now I don't feel so bad.

Dishwasher Tip: Make sure, when installing the dishwasher, that you leave enough hose and wire to reach BOTH sides of the dishwasher. Every time we install a new one, we find that the hookups are on the opposite side from the last dishwasher.

gracie said...

Certainly don't envy you... except that I've NEVER had a washer/dryer since living with my momma!

Nicole said...

I was just thinking about new appliances today, and now you have me reconsidering. SERIOUSLY reconsidering.