Wednesday, October 18, 2006


1. Work was much better today. Mostly because I got there later than yesterday (I start between 8 and 8:30), there was a staff meeting (and a good one) for an hour, I took a shamelessly long lunch that I used to pick out some granite for my new kitchen (yesssss!), I took tomorrow off to go do some exciting paperwork and yet more fingerprinting for another district for subbing, the other callers had just as hard a time today as I did (it was, apparently, rude Wednesday) and finally, I got approval to work on another project for two hours each day.
2. There will be pictures of the new house. Before and after pictures, even. But currently, I don't have the time for sifting through the approximately four million pictures I took over the last six weeks. So... patience. It's coming.
3. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, because I thought I could just trim some of the overgrown hair on the back of my head, by my neck (does that make sense?). I did, but unfortunately, I was wrong in assuming that it would look good. So I'm off to see Jen, who will surely get a chuckle out of this.
4. Elmer tac'n'stick is crap. Unless you're sealing the kitchen doorway with plastic trash bags when people are dustily removing kitchen cabinets. But good luck if you're trying to hang a poster on a wall.

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tshsmom said...

I can trim the front of my hair just fine. I don't even try to do the back.
I did, however, let hubby trim the back, ONE TIME! I'll betcha I got more laughs than you did. ;)