Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So, apparently, the internet at large is not as shocked as I was about those crazy beans in my salad. This makes me think that there might be this slight chance that I'm actually not that normal in the salad-ingredient-temperature department. That thought made me think that maybe I should talk about some other things I find irritating, just to see if you agree or disagree.
Here goes:
Things I Find Irritating (not a complete list):*
1. spelling "its/it's" and "their/there/they're" and "your/you're" wrong
2. my cell phone ringing in public (One might think that this is the point of a cell phone. Alas, it is not. At all.)
3. stepping on plugs (hurts and scratches the brand-new floors)
4. perpetually happy people (who are secretly faking it)
5. the changing of the lanes without the use of the turning signal, especially (though not restricted to) in stop-and-go traffic
6. new episodes of Seventh Heaven - I thought this was over with?
7. plumbers that come to your house, charge you a fortune, look like they're approximately twelve years old, but they look at you (who by all accounts is young, hot, and sexy) like you're 93 years old
8. a classroom full of kids who will not. shut. up. and a teacher who just raises her voice so she can be heard over the buzz of conversation**
9. stickers on the new windows that are a time-consuming pain to remove
10. air travel
11. the fact that I have to specially request my onion to be next to the cheese when I order my cheesburger-without-patty at In'N'Out
12. skin that has decided that pimples are the new black
13. skinny black pants, because SERIOUSLY, they make the rest of us (99.98% of, like, everybody) look bad

Now tell me: What irritates you? What do you agree/disagree with on this list?

*Wow, look, it's just like that Thursday Thirteen thing some people do! Amazing!

**I may perhaps be exaggerating just a little.


Anonymous said...

1. Oh me well as to/too.
4. They scare me.
6. Make it stop, make it stop!
12. Yes, come on they are supposed to be for teens. Geez.
13. Skinny pants period. Bad, bad, bad. If you have a smidge of hip you look like and ice cream cone. Prepubescent girls and skinny boys can sort of get away with them but even that is pushing it.

gracie said...

I'm definitely with you on the skin problems... I'm 30 years old already. Leave me alone nasty, red pimples!

gracie said...

One more thing...

The "skinny black pants" are evil (they make any woman with any sort of thighs look HUGE) even though I normally "black" and "pants". It's the "skinny" part that most American's can't seem to figure out.

But I must admit. That commercial with Audrey Hepburn (name? spelling?) ROCKS. "It's" one of the best I've seen in years. When I see that commercial I actually have a little conversation with myself...

"Will I ever be as cool as she is (was)... are those strange pants her secret source of coolness?"

European said...

Grace, you MUST RESIST THE SKINNY PANTS! They are not a source of coolness. No siree! Step away from The Gap!

Elaine said...

1. Your so write, its just so annoying.
2. I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, I was on my phone
3. give bald guys a break, they just want to look like everyone else.
4. YAY!
5. me and my horn are getting ever so intimate over this issue
6. spawn of satan
7. bitches!
8. shhhhhh!
9. again with the "bitches!"
10. shudder
11. ummm... I have no idea what to say to that one
12. say it with me now, "bitches!"
13. these are just so very very wrong. Very very.

tshsmom said...

1, 5, and 9 drive me over the edge!
I still have to remove the stickers on our garage windows. I've been too busy. Fortunately, they're on the garage, not my house, and will wait until spring.

European said...

Elaine, you just make me laugh and laugh. Mwah!
TSHS Mom - my contractor came today and took the stickers off - yay for contractors! Apparently, the razor blade is the secret, as well as some really strong solvent from the hardware store (not the goo-gone crap I got from Target).

tshsmom said...

I use razor blades and rubbing alcohol.