Sunday, October 15, 2006

European back in!

After a week offline, three trips to Fry's Electronics, and less than 200 dollars, I'm back in business. This post will be a list of all the things I have not written about that I would have written about, had I not been cut off most cruelly from the little big world inside my computer. Here it goes:

1. Meeting Grace in New York (aka The City) (with pictures)
2. Unsavoriness of air travel, especially when it involves places with actual weather (with picture)
3. Moving, unpacking, building IKEA furniture
4. Living without a microwave, oven/stove, washer and dryer and how little I'm enjoying eating out every day
5. Kitchen remodeling decisions
6. People I saw at the laundromat (with pictures)
7. Pictures of the house before and after (with words)
8. Subbing for a week in fourth grade
9. How badly I need a haircut
10. Palm tree removal conundrum

and as a bonus:
11. Wedding anniversary

Doesn't that sound exciting? Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Yay, you're back!

tshsmom said...

Pictures, YAY!

Don't feel bad. We camped out in our house for 3 days, with no electricity, the last time we moved.