Monday, October 16, 2006

catching up, part 2 The One About Air Travel

My trip to New Jersey included the following:
- 1 cancelled flight on the way from CA to NJ
- 1 very smooth transfer in LAX
- 1 coast-to-coast redeye without a blanket
- 1 delayed flight from Newark to Chicago that I decided not to get on since I stood no chance of making my connection there (and a good thing it was, since the (also delayed) connection was eventually cancelled and I would have spent a night + in Chicago while D. moved (hmmm... maybe...?)
- "weather" in Chicago (nobody ever said what kind of weather it was)
- 1 rebooking from the above mentioned delayed flight onto a (only minorly late) flight to Denver
- 5 hours spent at an airport with nothing NOTHING to read as I'd just finished my paperback on the train to the airport (Carl Hiaasen, me likey)
- 2 embarrassingly tarty lady magazines purchased at the airport (One had Dr. Phil on the cover. Seriously. I folded that cover over so people wouldn't be able to tell what kind of crap I was reading.)
- 1 record-breaking sprint through the Denver airport to make my connection ("oh, you'll have plenty of time"). From getting off one plane to the other plane's scheduled take-off, I had barely 10 minutes. And you know how much they like to close the doors when boarding is over and not let you on, instead forcing you to watch your plane take off from the gate where you will spend either 4-5 hours or the night.
- 1 barely caught connection in Denver after which I sat in my seat (exit row, score!) nearly coughing up a lung. The most important word here is "made."
- 0 bags lost during the whole thing, which is nothing short of miraculous, though perhaps also due to the fact that all the bags were always checked with D., who flew directly (Direct flights are for whimps.).

My mood after sitting in Newark for over 4 hours:

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Which Carl Hiiasen were you reading?