Monday, October 16, 2006

catching up, part 1 The One About The City and The Friend

Catching up, wheee!
Long ago (or so it seems), all the way in September, I met with Gracie in the city (otherwise know as New York City). There are two pictures you need to see:
The Funny One, in which we are trying on eeeevil regurgitated 80s fashions (leotard-type overalls and furry down vests):

The Sweet One, in which we successfully pretend to be tame ladies. As a special bonus, you can see that we're right in front of Madison Square Garden:

It was apparently a stripey sort of day!

Also remarkable about this visit to the city was the fact that I felt, after a while, completely at ease. I just blended in with the locals: I crossed the streets when the light was red (and enjoyed it), I didn't smile at people, I walked quickly, and I ignored the people who were handing out postcards. It was a thing of beauty. I did, howeve, purchase a commemorative T-Shirt (for myself, from Bubba Gump Shrimp Company) and two New York mugs (gifts). I carried them in my backpack, so the locals wouldn't see...

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gracie said...

Yay, I was waiting for this post (but don't blame you for only posting now seeing as you've been... uh... slightly busy).

When you slow down a bit you'll have to email me your photos of that NY day.