Thursday, September 28, 2006

progress report

1. I don't like "weather in Chicago," as it meant waiting at Newark for 5 (FIVE) hours, then running through the Denver airport to very narrowly catch a flight home, and landing in Orange County at 10pm instead of 7:15pm.
2. When you rent a U-Haul, the measurement they give you is the total length of the truck, not the length of the cargo space. This means that sometimes, you might have to pack your truck, then go back to the U-Haul place to rent a little trailer to avoid having to make two trips. Just sometimes.
3. If you forget to call the gas company to set up an account and get the gas turned on prior to moving, you might have to wait four days for them to show up. During this time, you might have to shower at the gym or at your in-laws' house.
4. Lawn, when consistently watered, will start turning greener beginning on day 3 of the watering regime.
5. Phone jacks are required if you wish to use your phone or internet.
6. Verizon will sometimes tell you that your internet service won't be activated until October 3rd, but then they will awesomely ship your modem early and quickly and then they will even activate your service early. Like, perhaps today.
7. After being off-line for almost a week, you might have close to 200 new feeds to read on bloglines.
8. If you get ready to move into an old house, and you decide to remodel more or less everything but the kitchen (expensive!), you might move in, take one look at the kitchen, say YIKES very loudly, and start shopping around for cabinets. You might even refuse to put your lovely dishes in such unlovely cabinets.
9. If you move in before the contractor is done, you might have a hole in the kitchen and no inside doors for a few days.
10. New windows do not come with blinds, which is why we're currently changing clothes inside the bathroom (D.), under the blanket in bed (me), or in the dark (both). We lead an exciting live, I tell you.


Nicole said...

200? Hit 'all clear' sister. It will be good for your mental health.

Congrats on the move, even with the hiccups. Blinds? Who needs blinds? Just tell the neighbors you like it when people watch.

tshsmom said...

Remodeling is a neverending process. When you make one room look nice; the rest of the house looks shitty.
When you finally have the whole house finished; the first room you remodeled needs redoing.