Thursday, September 07, 2006


I spent one of the longest 45 minutes of my life at the pharmacy today. Because lucky me! has a UTI and gets to take antibiotics.
I walked in at 9:40, and the store was practically deserted. I dropped off the prescription and was told it would be "15 minutes." I ambled over to the magazines and read up about Brad and Angie, Brit and baby-item shopping, and Paula Abdul and her sad sunken-chest-cleavage as seen at the Emmys. After about 20 minutes of mind-numbing reading, I went back to the pharmacy counter, where there was no line (oh joy!) and one person at the counter.
If this was a teen horror flick, all the birds would stop chirping right now, a weird breeze would stir some dead leaves on the ground and clouds would swiftly move in front of the sun.
An old lady shuffeled up to the counter. She stood right behind the man who was just paying for his meds. The Line (me) started 10 feet off to the side, because That Is The Rule For Protecting Privacy. I was conflicted. Do I tell the lady that, ahem, excuse me? The Line is over here? This, of course, would cause her to shuffle slowly over and probably stand way too close to me. And perhaps, I'd have had to repeat that line multiple times in varying degrees of, you know, LOUDNESS.
I decided to say nothing, thinking that perhaps the pharmacy lady would politely point out to the old lady that I was, indeed, there first OR that I'd just show a little kindness to a lady who finds it hard to walk (she was also having some breathing problems).
This, my friends, is when in the horror flick all the lights go out, the creepy music starts, and the curtains move ever so slightly in the wind to show a sharp, gleaming knife behind them.
I stood in line for an eternity and a half. And then some. Old Lady had about 700 prescriptions she needed to pick up, and she had questions about each of them, and didn't understand why she couldn't have a refill for that yet, and didn't know what this was for. Meanwhile, I was desperately looking for a hard surface to bang my head against to MAKE IT STOP, PLEASE!

The truth is that while this was REALLY REALLY annoying for me (so annoying), it was worse for Old Lady. She had millions of pills to take. She repeatedly asked "What's this one for?" which makes me all crampy in my stomach area because HELLO! Cluelessly popping pills is crappy (not that I blame her), and I can just see a doctor saying "Here... take this and this and this and now leave my office, huffy breather!" And then she almost cried when she found out that one medication cost 100 dollars (This is when I really started feeling bad for her, even though LUCKY! later we found out that if she just waits until tomorrow (why? No idea), it'll be muuuuuch cheaper).

I guess the moral of the story is this: Don't let somebody brazenly and obnoxiously cut in front of you.
Or perhaps: If you have to go to the pharmacy, bring a sack lunch and a book.


just a girl said...

Did you get a sore jaw? I would have. That's too frustrating.

Little Sister said...

that's the thing about beeing a soooo nice guy ... so keep cool and be brave enough to push next time and say "I only want to get ONE little thing!"


tshsmom said...

You gave me something to be grateful for today. I'm grateful I'm not that old lady. Thanks!

Irina said...

Heute ist es schon wieder nicht halb so schön wie noch am Donnerstag :) Schneeregen(!!) Außerdem nix zu tun.
Aber ich freu mich zu sehen, dass du ab und zu bei mir vorbeischaust.

Ich bin ja schon fast in deiner Nähe (naja... FAST)