Thursday, September 14, 2006

on the move

The pile of boxes by the doorThe pile of boxes by the door Hosted on Zooomr
This was yesterday afternoon. It's steadily growing. Yay!
me, in the box, with The (ever elusive) Tapeme, in the box, with The (ever elusive) Tape Hosted on Zooomr
Our boxes are borderline huge. I'm actually kneeling in this box.
a new level of specificitya new level of specificity Hosted on Zooomr
"Hey, what's in this box?" - "Oh, you know. Random cushiony things."


tshsmom said...

Big things are easy to pack. It's that 3 million little things that will get you every time! :(

Isabella Snow said...

I live a few hours from Germany. I wish this country had boxes like the ones in your photos. It would have made moving less of a nightmare.

It's the small things you miss!