Thursday, September 21, 2006

just checking in

I have less than 15 minutes until Grey's Anatomy starts. I'm a little too excited about it, but I'm comfortable with that.
I won't have an internet connection tomorrow, and I'll be spending half the day (optimistic estimate) in airports and on planes, and when we get home, it'll be 1.late and 2.back to The Move.
I guess what I'm saying is that you shouldn't expect too much from this little website until the middle of next week. Once the internet is hooked up to the new house, I'll be back. (Imagine Schwarzenegger saying that with his horrific accent.)

* I love pretending to be local by calling New York City "the city."
* Today, I met Grace in the city. Pictures to come soon.
* I derived much satisfaction from crossing the street when the light was red in, you know, the city.
* I got lost in, ahem, the city today.
* You know what's genius? Numbering your streets, like they do in the *cough* city.
* That's all for now.

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tshsmom said...

OK, Grey's Anatomy is over. How's the move going?