Wednesday, September 20, 2006

dark, dark circles under my eyes

So. I'm in Joisy. It's humid. It rained yesterday. I like East Coast rain much better than So Cal rain, mainly because it (sometimes) stops after raining just a few fat drops (whereas the rain I'm used to keeps going and going for days).
Here's a quick recap of the last few days:
We packed for The Move, bought a microwave (one that's mounted over the stove, to free up sweet, sweet counterspace), inspected the new house, and paid our contractor half the balance we owed him. We went to bed at midnight (after packing more) and slept like rocks.
I packed the kitchen, otherwise known as The Room That I Hate Packing Up The Most, while D. painted the two bedrooms. We were done early enough to take a quick swim in the ocean, then hopped a big blue van to the airport. D. and I were booked on seperate flights on different airlines, because his work was paying for his flight, and our miles were paying for mine and we had no miles for Continental, we only had miles for United. Here's all you need to know about my flights (because, yeah, I had to fly from Orange County to LAX and from there to Newark):

Dear United Airlines,
thank you for calling my cell phone with an update of my flight information over an hour after I checked in for a flight that was canceled and only 10 minutes before I boarded the flight I lucked into instead. It was immensely helpful, much better than, say, an announcement over the lovely airport speaker system.
Thank you also for being wise enough not to waste money on having a blanket and pillow for more than 1/3 of your passengers on the redeye from LA to Newark. Warmth and comfort are highly overrated, and - contrary to popular belief - have nothing to do with how well people will be able to sleep on an airplane. While we're on the topic of sleep - what a wonderful idea to constantly turn the "fasten seatbelt" sign on and off during the flight. It was great to be woken up every time we hit a little turbulence - first by the DINGGGGGG of the sign being turned on, then by the flight attendant walking down the aisle saying "seat belts, seat belts, seat belts..." in that lovely loud voice.

Good times!
After some confusion, we decided to take a train out to our hotel to drop off our luggage, then take another train back to New York and do the tourist thing. This meant that 1. we skipped breakfast and 2. we didn't get to New York until around 11:30 and 3. we ate some very excellent pizza at Union Station for breaklunch. Then, I got to duck into an H&M for 15 minutes to look around (the shopping will come later), the combination of which (pizza and H&M) turned me into one happy camper.
We saw Ground Zero, which was much bigger and much less "zero" than I'd expected.
ground zero

We admired Lady Liberty from afar...
Lady Liberty

... and made fun of this interesting sculpture.

They're supposed to be eyes! Hahaha. Suuuuure they are!
We took the obligatory pictures of Wall Street and the bull. We had to wait our turn to take a picture with the bull. The protocol was to first pose by the head of the bovine, then take a picture in which you gigglingly and blushingly are touching the enormous balls of the bull.
grab the bull by the horns?

Please note that I did not touch the balls. Doesn't this look like he's about to, you know, poop?
about to charge or take a dump

After that, it was on to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is CLOSED ON MONDAYS, people, ALERT! We hadn't planned on going in, so it was okay, but there were some pretty disappointed tourists sitting on the steps.
The Met

Then to Central Park, which MY GOODNESS is very VERY large, much larger than I expected (I was thinking that Central Park Zoo must be pretty small because HONESTLY, how can you fit a zoo into a park? But apparently, it's possible. With leg room!).
central park

We ended up at Times Square for Starbucks and dinner at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Factory. I'm not a big fan of shrimp (please don't tell Bubba), but boy, do I like that restaurant. We totally almost aced the little Forrest Gump quiz they gave us! The dinner conversation dragged a little, mostly because we were watching all the commercials on the huuuuuge screens around the square somewhat mesmerizedly.
Times Square 2

After dinner, D. and I rode the ferris wheel inside the four-story Toys'R'us on Times Square (which interestingly enough made me want to go to FAO Schwarz and play the piano like Tom Hanks in "Big").
Two subways later, we were back at Penn Station and basically collapsed onto the New Jersey transit train back out to the hotel.
I slept in till 10:30. Beauty.


Anonymous said...

Other than the not so surprising airline cock up it sounds pretty good so far.

And nice weather too:)

Edge said...

I absolutely hate to get comments like this one, but HOW FUN!


gracie said...


Euro is in Joisy!!!

We are SO meeting in The City tomorrow morning for a shopping spree!

Can't wait!

Elaine said...

I'm tired just reading about your day. Gonna go take a nap. Oh wait, must care for children. YOU take a nap and then tell me all about it.

Nicole said...

jealous. so jealous.

have a good time and then come and brag about it some more.

exMI said...

I actually wouldn't mind the cell phone call over the airport loudspeak since you usually only hear half of the announcment over those things.

Care to defie the difference between breaklunch and brunch? But pizza sound like a good one.
Cheapest touristy thing to do in NYC. Ride the Staten Island Ferry. You see the skyline, the Statue, everything. It is fun.