Friday, August 18, 2006

why I want to stay in bed today and perhaps all the rest of all the days there are

Welcome to one of the ritual "my life sux" posts. If you don't like it, make my day and cross my path. Or read some other random stuff.
1. Traffic. Hello? How the heck is it possible that within 20 minutes the direction of the traffic changes, so that I hit stop and go both ways (while the respective other side is clear)?
2. That missing stop sign. A little while ago, some super-smart big-shot city planners or whatevertheheck they are decided to change a four-way stop in the Trader Joe's parking lot into a three-way stop. The resulting confusion has made it nothing short of a miracle that I haven't yet been involved in an accident there. Seriously. Who does crap like this?
3. Landlord-dom. Renting out two apartments has been such a super-fun activity! What makes it even funner is that this has been going on for three weeks and we haven't found normal people who could afford the place. D. and I were considering writing a book about this. I'm thinking "101 reasons why landlords should own shotguns" would be a good title. Any publishers out there interested?
4. Allergies. Did you know that in the pharmacy hand-out for my antihistamine, they ask me to tell my doctor if I have any allergies? REALLY? My guess is that if I didn't have allergies, I didn't need allergy medication in the first place!
Also, I'm broken out all over the place, cheeseburgers without tomatoes are unworthy of their calories, my head aches and my eyes look like I've been drinking. I only wish I was right now, even though my ALLERGIES would probably kill me for the next three to four days if I did.
And also, the sadness. I know that it's actually an allergic reaction, but that knowledge doesn't make me happier.
5. Morons all over the world. I seem to have interacted with more than the average number of these individuals in the past few days (see #3).
6. The weird smell in my fridge that I cannot seem to get rid of.

7. The fact that the days of August are ticking away faster than I can process it, bringing us near the beginning of September; and I'm without a job and without substantial hope for one.


tshsmom said...

This summer has been horrible for allergies! My eyes have been running since May. Try doing cut-in painting with runny, filmy eyes.

Weird people lately? Me too; I blame the recent full moon. ;)

gracie said...

chin up! chin up!

today is a day like this for me... if it weren't for the paper that is always waiting to be finished I'd spend the entire rest of the day in bed.


In the fetal position.

Serena said...

i have a headache...this coupled with the utility bill post *head spinning around*
cheer up-- It's still summer for another couple of weeks!