Friday, August 25, 2006

careful euphoria

* The Eye is a lot less swollen today than it was yesterday. As a matter of fact, I didn't even mention it during The Interview.
* Special Thanks to Nicole's Husband who left a comment to help me with The Eye Troubles. He is, as it appears, quite as awesome as Nicole, which makes me REALLY REALLY want to hear more about their daughter Claire.
*And now back to talking about me.
* The Interview went well. Veeeery well. I felt like the principal really listened to me, we clicked, and she liked what she heard. I rehearsed with interview questions and info from their website the whole hour+ drive there. I'm sure it was fun to watch for other drivers, since I talk with my hands and I'm pretty sure I smiled a lot. At nothing and no one in particular.
* The Principal told me that she was interviewing people all day, and that her goal was to find three people she'd feel comfortable with on her staff. Those chosen three would be invited back on Monday to interview with the school board.
* At 3:30, I got a call from The Principal (I'm digging this capitalization thing, BTW) telling me that though she wasn't done interviewing, she knew for sure that she wanted me to come back on Monday.
* I'm pretty happy.
* My mind is gallopping way ahead of me (what will I say at the "staff dedication chapel day?" and I'm trying not to let it.
* Now I really must go. Dave Matthews, he is waiting for me.


Elaine said...


Oh wait, you said careful euphoria.


Nicol said...

YIPPPPEEEEE! I'll take a unicorn with a rounded horn please. We're really careful about potential eye injuries around here ;)

By the way, you took the hubs blog comment virginity away. He's a lurker by nature, but came out of the shadows just for YOU.

J.a.G. said...

So very cool!

gracie said...

Yay, I know what it's like to feel good about an interview and wait knowingly for the phone call that will invite you back (enthusiastically) for interview number 2. Good luck and from the sound of things you can start planning your dedication speech.

katze said...


And I hope you enjoyed the concert, too! :)

tshsmom said...

Talking with your hands must be a German thing. My cousins and I ALL do it.
I've got my fingers crossed for your next interview! ;)