Wednesday, August 30, 2006

blast from the past - part the second (or: The Dorkfest continues)

Our next artist is so immensely popular that a search for him on you-tube gets exactly 6 results, all but one of which have that special illegal flavor that comes with smuggling a camera into a concert and then drunkenly jumping up and down and screeeeeeaming while filming. In short, fun and adventure at every turn!
Before enjoying the video, you must know that this musician only does cover versions of songs my parents grew up with. You'd think that this would be an excellent way to get hate from all sides (as there's one generation who's already hated the songs when their teens listened to it, one generation that feels like their holy grail was defiled by the making of cover versions, and lastly, a generation that finds those ex-hits positively vomitrocious). HOWEVER! The singing and the persona of the singer (and band) are alltogether so overdrawn that young people can only do one thing: Laugh helplessly and submit to the MUZAK! the BEAT! The GLITTERY GOLD LAME! The TIGHT PANTS! Yes, friends, my generation was fused together by an ironic infatuation with this man.
The clip I chose for you is short and fuzzy, but you can gather most of the necessary information you need about the awesomeness that is Dieter Thomas Kuhn:
1. Shiny and glittery clothing.
2. Super-enthusiastic fans.
3. Beat-y, move-y, happy!happy! music.
4. Cheesy to the point of no return.

What you cannot see is this:
1. I still listen to his CDs in the car from time to time. They are excellent for the moments where you need music you can belt out at the top of your lungs (which is often best done in the privacy of a commuting car).
2. The man wears more makeup than I do, and while that's not generally hard to do, he wears a lot of it. He also wears it well and proudly.
3. The gold lamee...
4. DTK wears a chest toupe. Thaaaaat's right, fake golden curls attached to the chest, visible through the open buttons of the shirt. (Are you swooning yet?)
5. When I was at the concert, I very nearly caught part of said hair piece when he threw it to the masses. (Now you're swooning, right?)


Edge said...

I really don't know how to feel about this. I don't ... typing this there are stunned moments of strong silence in my mind. I would like to learn German though. I read lots of WWII history and now and then there are German words and it makes so much sense but some of those words are so long.

Back on point ... how unusual ...


katze said...


are both on my mp3 player.

European said...

Jef - made ya look, eh? ;)
katze - Zieh dich nicht aus amore mio is one of my favorites. It just doesn't get better than that! Hehe.

Nicole said...

You Germans are crazy. Plain crazy.

European said...

Nicole - it took centuries to perfect it, and we're still fine-tuning it. Thanks for your recognition! ;)

Little Sister said...

I have to say, that I did NOT like him, but I had to listen to such music ALL THE DAY *aaaaaaaaah*

but now: tanze Samba mit mir ... *sing*