Tuesday, August 29, 2006

blast from the past - part the first

Just about the last thing I want to talk about right now is my current state of mind as related to teaching, working, and Lutherans, because it makes me weep and weep and crave chocolate. So I spent quite a while on you-tube today, looking up music I listened to growing up. And so I present to you the first part of a maybe three or four part series: Bands I've seen in concert.
So here we are, with band #1. I was really, really into these guys. The name is Die Prinzen, which translates to The Princes. I have more or less all of their CDs (a grand total of, say 6, probably). Theirs was the first ever concert I went to (with my friend and both of our moms). I realized this afternoon that some of their videos are sort of... um... interesting, or rather, bizarre. The one I chose for you, people of the web, is a heartbreaking love song about a couple that breaks up. Even though they both regret it, they never do so at the same time, and are thusly destined to be apart, and sad, for ever. And ever. The catchiest line of the song is "Das Leben ist grausam und schrecklich gemein," which of course means "Life is cruel and horrbily mean." Teenage angst, here I come!

Don't tell anybody, but I remembered the words (and a lot of them) to all of the songs they have on you tube. Me = dork with fantastic memory.


Little Sister said...

I rememer them too - but I can blame it on you, because I was too young ;o)

looking forward to the next part :o)

just a girl said...

Oh the hair, the hair!

Never heard of them... :)

European said...

sister - I like your nosy smileys! And yes, go ahead and blame me. All I have to say is "Wo sind all die Indianer hin???"
girl - Excellent mullets, no?!!

katze said...

Oh. God.

The theme for my class's Abistrech was "Man muß ein Schwein sein".

And don't even get me started on Die Ärzte.